Ants Arrive!

February 13, 2010

I got home from work today and found this on my doorstep – finally! The ants have arrived!

Ant Farm "Club Kit"

It does kind of look like the postal carrier hurled the package onto the doorstep (our door is up one flight of stairs).  Yes, they send this via first class mail.  No second day air for these little guys – err, girls, actually.  I’ve learned from the “Ant Watcher’s Manual” that the ants will all be girls.  No queens, either.  Apparently its the ladies who take care of all the day to day business of running an ant colony.

Opening the “Club Kit”, here’s whats inside:

There is an ant themed “Fun Book”, a magnifying glass,  a poster with an ant anatomy chart and extreme ant close up pictures, and most importantly near the top of the frame, you can see the tube of ants.  The ant tube is clearly marked with a bright yellow sticker that says “Caution: Ants can bite”.  These are big ants too.  I am definitely going to make sure that there is no opportunity for them to bite me.

Possibly the best item in the package (besides the ants, of course) is the membership card:

The “Ant Watcher’s Manual” was also full of language praising the ants for their teamwork, altruism, and industriousness.  We shall see.

And what of the ants?  They’re in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, per the instructions.  Apparently this slows them down a bit for that moment when you have to take the cap off the tube and shake them down into the habitat.

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