Day Two

February 13, 2010

Here’s the scene as we begin Day Two, early Saturday morning.

Can we sleep in a real pile?

Death toll: 4 confirmed dead.  Considering there were only 16 ants to start with, the mortality rate thus far is a bit concerning.  You can see the dead ants in ball form on the right and left of the larger group.  Supposedly, once they get themselves organized, they’ll put the dead ants in a designated ant graveyard.

Most the ants are sleeping or at least I’m hoping that they’re sleeping, or resting, or whatever ants do when they’re not busy being good industrious citizens.

They spent most of the day today doing nothing, but as I write this, around 10pm on Saturday night, things have picked up.  There is much more area excavated under the farm house and a lot of digging activity under the bridge as well.

Getting Busy

I’m happy to see some activity.  It seems like only some of the ants are working and others are still relatively immobile.  That ant up on the far right, on the green plastic house, has been in that position for hours.

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