Day Four

February 17, 2010

Here’s how things looked when I woke up on Day 4:

Multiple Tunnels!

Despite the inefficiencies that I noticed yesterday, they still got a lot of work done in the last 24 hours. Everyone is working now, as well.  Even the last holdouts have succumbed to industriousness.

I checked the ants again before leaving for work, and look at what is going on:


It looks like they’re trying to tunnel through Cooper’s Mound.   Cooper spent a lot of time building that mound, and I’m not sure I understand why they would now be tunneling through it.  I do think they liked using the open barn door to pass through to the back side of the habitat.

Here’s how things are looking at the end of Day 4:

Coopers mound has been partially restored and partially redistributed.  Yeah, the ants are blurry in this shot – I am using a tripod for the full habitat time-series shots, and I didn’t realize that when the ants are that busy they’re moving too fast for my shutter speed.

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