The Myth of the Ant Graveyard

February 17, 2010

As you might have noticed in previous posts, I’ve been a bit concerned about the disposition of the four dead ants.

Edie continues to move them to and fro about the habitat (and some of the bodies are starting to lose parts) with no regard to whether those locations are in the way of progress.  I watched her move one of them from Charlie’s Mound (on the far side of the Farm House) to Cooper’s Mound (oblivious to the activity going on there) past Cooper’s Mound to the Silo Ramp and then back over to Charlie’s mound again.

I am starting to think that the “Ant Graveyard” is just a myth.

Dead Ant Rolling

I suppose the fact that the dead ants are curled into balls makes for easier transport.  I know I talk about the dead ants a lot – but really – every time I turn around one of them has been moved somewhere else, seemingly dropped at random onto a mound or down in the tunnels.

Yesterday, a dead ant appeared at the head of the tunnel below the Farm House:

9:31:05 PM

Minutes later, another:

9:38:15 PM

Now they’re gone:

10:35:24 PM

Its getting hard to keep track of where the bodies are, but I can say for certain that they’re not entombed together in any Ant Graveyard.


  1. So you saying that they lack a good project manager to oversee things ? 🙂

    incidentally can ants be trained ?

    • I think they have neither project manager nor solution architect! I may try to see if I can train them to do anything. They seem to be lacking ambition – right now only 1 ant is in the tunnels, the rest are lolling about above ground – so the clearly need something else to do.

  2. What about the body parts strewn about? Stray legs and whatnot…

  3. How many ants did you have? The more ants you have, the better they function as a group. If you have too few ants, there wont be enough pheromone trails to permanently establish any one spot as the ant graveyard.

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