Day Five

February 19, 2010

The ants are still tunneling this morning:

Morning, Ants

Headcount of moving ants is still 12, so even though I’ve lost track of the position of the dead ones, their number remains constant.  I suspect that once the tunnels get more complicated, its going to be more difficult to take the census.

Smithie and Cooper continue to trail-blaze the main tunnel extension underneath the Farm House.  Smithie is now working on the mound between the Bridge and the Farmhouse, which will now be referred to as Smithie’s Mound.

Charlie continues to work on the “Frontage Road” tunnel that runs parallel to the surface.  She is maintaining the small mound to the right of the Farmhouse and a similar one behind it.

Allison, a newcomer to mound building, is working the Frontage tunnel that is parallel to the surface below the Barn.  Her mound is at the base of the Silo Ramp.   She is essentially adding to the blockage of the port that would have been the most convenient for her access.  Currently she goes the long way around up through the port under the Bridge.

Someone has closed off the port below the Silo Ramp.  I can’t even speculate on that decision.

When I got home from work this evening, there was a bit of a surprise:

Evening, Ants

The ants have made a secret tunnel!  At least this explains why so many of them were in the vicinity of Allison’s work area, even though they were not excavating from there.  Peering around to the back of the habitat, there is a tunnel that goes from the area below the surface under the Silo Ramp through to the back side and down where it suddenly reappears on the front.

As for the ants working on the secret tunnel – its a long walk back up to the Frontage Road and then down and around to the Bridge port.  Allison has not completed the Frontage Road Extension that looks like it will eventually connect with the Bridge Port, so in the mean time, they have to go all the way around.

I know that ants have a reputation for being well organized, but I’m not so sure I see the master plan here.

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