Recent Happenings, or Lack Thereof

March 7, 2010

Here is how things have looked for the last few days:


After the excitement of the leaf, things returned to their previous state, lacking any real activity.  Once and a while one or two ants will go off re-arranging the tunnels (such as Lefty) but for the most part, they spend their time clumped together.  Grooming.  Relaxing.  Dwelling on thoughts of their futility?

We are down to 6, by the way.  I don’t anticipate making the 3 month mark, I am hoping for 2.  Most of all, I am hoping that the last two die together, so that there isn’t one lonely ant left alone.  There is one ant which is noticeably smaller than the rest (I call her Tiny).  I wonder if she is younger, or just smaller.  Time will tell.

One comment

  1. What’s happened? How many are left!?!

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